Aurora Hunt, Finland EU

Aurora Hunt, Finland EU, Best Spots

“I would love to see the northern lights someday”. But is it that simple. We’ve done our research and we present to you the best spots to go Aurora Hunt in Finland EU.Why Finland?
Finland is among the hottest spots in the world to see the Northern Lights. In Finland your fantasy could become a reality, and that is the reason why thousands of tourist travel to Lapland every year hoping to see the northern lights. In Lapland the lights can be spotted more than 200 times a year,
improving your chances of success.The best spots to go Aurora Hunting in Finland?
One of the easiest places to see the lights is Utsjoki. The town itself is small but it is the ideal spot to experience the beauty and culture of Lapland.

Sodankyl√§ is a place which is very popular among the tourist because of its good infrastructure and it has the Finland’s headquarters of northern lights. Therefore, it is the best place to see the dancing lights and fulfilling your dream.

“Inari” which is the largest lake in Northern Finland is another popular spot to see the lights. Apart from being a popular aurora spot, the lake’s excellent fishing and boating facilities attract many tourists.

Other good places include the Oulanka and Luosto National Parks. These places are properly designed for aurora viewing and have no light pollution, which helps to see the lights properly. Choosing the best place to see the Northern Lights is a big challenge. So if you ask me- Which is the best place to spot the aurora in Finland? My answer would be, the further north you go in to
Lapland, the better your chances of success.

Best of Luck!

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