The Northern Lights. Where To Head In Finland!

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Finland and The Northern Lights

Finland- a Northern European nation where reindeer and Northern Lights are more common than humans- is a traveller’s paradise. Beautiful landscapes, gorgeous lakes, dense forests, dark nights, and lively people make this wonderful country a perfect combination of nature and humanity.

If you are making a list of things to do while in Finland, then it may take a long time until you finish with it. However, the most spectacular thing to witness in Finland is the Aurora Borealis. From the North-east to the west, there are many places to see these dancing lights.

Where in Finland?

In Finland, where should you go to get the best view of Northern Lights?North-East: Northern Lights And Wilderness
Home to Sami culture, the North-East part of Finland has multiple regions to get hooked and never get enough of the  dancing lights in a dark sky. Ideally located on the bank of mystical Lake Inari, Nellim has spectacular skies to watch the colourful lights. Its true wilderness and indigenous Sami
people make it an exciting Aurora zone in Finland.

Saariselkä, a resort village in northern Finland, is the brainchild of Northern Lights photographers. Being here, you can gaze the night sky from your duvet. Muotka is a beautiful winter destination where you can watch dancing Auroras in the night and
explore the wilderness in the daylight.

Regional Viewing

When it is about the best Finland regions to watch spectacular Northern Lights, Inari doesn’t disappoint you. The Finnish capital is capable of beating the best Aurora destinations in the world. What more? Yes, Inari has more reindeer than humans.West: Dark Skies, Remote Locations, And Northern Lights
The West of Finland has plenty of gorgeous places to closely observe the nature and click pictures of some of the most spectacular Northern Lights. The region has comfortable bases in remote places where you can view the beauty of night skies. If you are planning Northern Lights holiday, then don’t forget to add Luosto Lapland to your destination list. Apart from the beautiful celestial show, there are downhill ski slopes and wild

How amazing these destinations are? How about experiencing it yourself.

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