Aurora Borealis Finland and Northern Lights

Finland is among the best places in the world to spot the Aurora!  Not only can you visit the aurora destinations plus you can also enjoy the pastries, sauna breaks and go skiing.

Aurora Borealis Finland and Northern Lights

If you’ve decided to visit Finland to see the northern lights which is usually an experience of a lifetime then you must read on to learn everything you need to know before you pack your bags!What are Northern Lights?
If you’ve come across the post searching for “Northern Lights in Finland” then you probably know
what northern lights are. But in case you don’t, it is caused by glowing particles of the sun that enter
the earth’s atmosphere. Aurora lights appear in many different colors and they could be seen only around the North and South Pole. The Best Place in Finland to see the Northern Lights
The northern lights can be spotted from many different destinations in Finland but the best place to travel with the highest chances of success is Lapland.

Lapland Finland Northern Lights

There are no exact places to see it in Lapland because a lot depends on the weather and cloudiness. The most ideal place is an open space with no artificial lights.The Best Time to see the Northern Lights
One of the factors which makes the experience special is that Northern Lights can only be seen during certain parts of the year. If you are coming for the lights then travel between September and March when they are at their most visible.

Arguably Finland is among the most ideal places to come see the Northern Lights however the key to a successful trip is planning it at the right time of the year and visiting the right places.

Remember to pack plenty of warm clothes if you plan to spend a few hours chasing the aurora.

Have a great trip!

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