What Are The Northern Lights? Things To Know.

My quest to see the Northern Lights began 4 years back and since then I’ve been chasing them every winter. I got my first chance a couple years back when I spent three nights in Finland. I feel it is my duty to tell you a few things which help you on your aurora hunting trip.

Go for the Destination
You’ll have a better experience if you’re looking forward to the activities that you’ve planned and you’re excited about exploring the destination. Seeing the Northern Light should be an added bonus. 

These Lights are Unpredictable
Northern are visible on a clear sky from September to March. Aurora forecasts are used to predict the aurora activity level. But the Lights are unpredictable, you might witness clear nights with
high aurora activity level and you won’t see anything whereas forecast might show no activity and you’ll end up seeing the dancing lights.

It just has to be Dark to see the Aurora.
Another misconception among people is that the strain can only be seen in winter, but in fact they are active all year around. Since it needs to be dark,  August and April are the best time to go for aurora hunting.

You have to work hard to see the Northern Lights
Choose the best spot with the highest chances of success to see them. Look for places that don’t have light pollution, which is a key factor in seeing the lights properly. You can opt for Northern Light tours, the tour operators have years of experience and will help you find the best spots for potential viewing.

I hope these tips will help you in your quest for the greatest light show on Earth- Northern Lights.

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